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Table 3 Detection of preDSCs in tissues of immunocompetent mice in which human preDSCs were injected

From: Human predecidual stromal cells are mesenchymal stromal/stem cells and have a therapeutic effect in an immune-based mouse model of recurrent spontaneous abortion

Strain Cells injected/method of detection Blood Lymph nodes Spleen
CBA/J PreDSCs/RT-PCR Day 12a: 3/3b ND Day 12: 2/6c
BALB/c PreDSC-GFP/Flow cytometry Day 2: 3/3
Day 45: 0/3
Day 2: 0/3
Day 45: 1/3
Day 2: 0/3
Day 30: 1/3
  1. ND not done
  2. aBALB/c-mated pregnant CBA/J
  3. b3 positive mice out of 3
  4. c1/3 DBA/2-mated pregnant CBA/J and 1/3 in BALB/c-mated pregnant CBA/J