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Fig. 5

From: High-content screen in human pluripotent cells identifies miRNA-regulated pathways controlling pluripotency and differentiation

Fig. 5

Comparison of identified miR-regulated pathways in NT2 and H1. Predicted targets were identified using TargetScan, and those shared by clustered miRs were submitted to an enrichment analysis using the DAVID tool, allowing the identification of pathways and processes potentially regulated by these miRs at the post-transcriptional level. Top Venn diagrams: comparison of the identified pathways for all pro-pluripotency clusters in NT2 (upper-left) and H1 (upper-right) cells. Bottom Venn diagram: comparison of all the pathways identified for pro-pluripotency (Pluri. NT2 and Pluri. H1) and pro-differentiation clusters (Diff. NT2 and Diff. H1) in both cell lines. Venn diagrams were generated using Venny 3.0

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