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Fig. 7

From: High-content screen in human pluripotent cells identifies miRNA-regulated pathways controlling pluripotency and differentiation

Fig. 7

miR-363-3p targets NOTCH1 and PSEN1 and inhibits Notch-induced differentiation in NT2 cells. a NT2 cells were transfected with miR mimic and negative control (PMC), and 72 h later, they were co-cultured with OP9-Ctrl or OP9-DL1 stromal cells for more 24 h. Nuclear OCT4 median intensity was then quantified by automated quantitative fluorescence microscopy. Kruskal-Wallis test followed with Dunn’s multiple comparison test. b NT2 cells were transfected with miR-363-3p mimics and PMC and NOTCH1, and PSEN1 transcript levels were evaluated 48 h later by qPCR. Mean expression level of PMC transfected cells were used as reference for the calculation of the relative expression, using the 2^-DDCT method. *p < 0.05 (one-tailed non-parametric Mann-Whitney test)

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