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Table 1 The study of miRNA in stem cell EVs for AKI

From: miRNAs in stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles for acute kidney injury treatment: comprehensive review of preclinical studies

Study Animal Model Stem cell source Route of administration Method miRNA Result
Gatti et al. 2011 [12] Rat IRI Human bone marrow IV Pretreatment of MVs with RNase miRNA Reduce TECs apoptosis and increase TECs proliferation
Collino et al. 2015 [4] Rat Glycerol Human bone marrow IV RNA-Seq,
Drosha-Knockdown MSCs
miRNA Anti-inflammation
Wang et al. 2016 [28] Mouse UUO Human bone marrow IV Engineered to overexpress miRNA-let7c miRNA-let7c Alleviate kidney fibrosis
Wang et al. 2015 [19] Mouse UUO Mice primary bone marrow IV MicroRNA profiling arrays miRNA Enhanced inhibition of EMT
Wang et al. 2015 [19] HK-2 TGF-β1-mediated Rat bone marrow   miRCURY LNA Array
miRNA treatment
Inhibited TGF-β1-mediated EMT
Yuan et al. 2017 [34] Mouse IRI Mice bone marrow IV miR-223 knockdown miR-223 Downregulation of NLRP3, suppressed apoptosis
Zhu et al. 2019 [36] Mouse IRI Human bone marrow IV Overexpression or knockdown of miR-199a-3p miR-199a-3p Restore Sema3A expression and blocke the activation of the AKT and ERK pathways, antiapoptosis
Zou et al. 2014 Rat IRI Human umbilical cord IV CX3CL1 in the TargetScan database, PCR miR-15a, miR-15b and miR-16 Cell proliferation , Antifibrosis
Gu et al. 2016 [43] Rat IRI Human umbilical cord IV miR-30 antagomir treat MSC miR30 Antiapoptosis, Preserved mitochondrial,morphology
Cantaluppi et al. 2012 Rat IRI Endothelial progenitor cells EPC IV miRNA array, anti-miR126 and anti-miR-296 antagomiRs miR-126 and miR-296 Enhancement of cell proliferation,Decrease in tubular cell apoptosis and leukocyte infiltration
Vinas et al. 2016 [51] Rat IRI Human cord blood endothelial colonyforming cells IV Truseq Small RNA kit
antagomiR to miR-486-5p
miR-486-5p Target at PTEN/Akt pathway
Pang et al. 2017 [52] Rat IRI Human renal artery-derived vascular progenitor cells IV miRNA microarray
miR-218 Enhance endothelial cell migration
  1. UUO unilateral ureteral obstruction, IRI ischemia-reperfusion injury, IV intravenous, TEC tubular epithelial cells, EMT epithelial-mesenchymal transition