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Fig. 2

From: Temporal and partial inhibition of GLI1 in neural stem cells (NSCs) results in the early maturation of NSC derived oligodendrocytes in vitro

Fig. 2

The relative mRNA expression at day 5 of a GLI1 and b GLI2 vs. undifferentiated hiPSCs in the absence and presence of GANT61 (n = 3, t test). c Representative immunocytochemistry images of NESTIN+/SOX2+ in control and GANT61-NSCs (day 5). Quantification of d NESTIN and e SOX2+ cells in control-NSCs and GANT61-NSCs (at day 5 of differentiation, n = 5 independent experiments). f Analysis of cell survival following GANT61 treatment from day 0 to 5 (assayed at day 5, n = 5). g A representative flow cytometry data of GFP/OLIG2 expression in NSC-derived OPCs (day 14, n = 3 independent experiments). h–j The gene expression of the transcription factors, NKX2.2 OLIG2 and SOX10, in GANT61-OPCs compared to control-OPCs (assayed at day 14, n = 3, t test.). Data are shown as fold change relative to the expression in NSC (n = 3, t test). Error bars indicate SEM. ***P < 0.001; **P < 0.01; *P < 0.05

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