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Fig. 5

From: Sequential stimulation with different concentrations of BMP4 promotes the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into dental epithelium with potential for tooth formation

Fig. 5

Tooth-like structures formed 30 days after introducing hDE-like cells mixed with mDM in vivo. a The in vivo experimental scheme. DE-like cells were transplanted into the renal capsules of nude mice after mixing with mDM. b The mDM isolated from embryos. Scale bar, 200 μm. Thirty days after transplantation, the kidneys were removed. Kidneys transplanted with DE-like cells (c), mDM (d), and DE-like cells + mDM (e). Scale bar, 2 mm. Micro-CT of kidneys with transplants of mDM (i) and DE-like cells + mDM (f). DE, dentin; EN, enamel. Scale bar, 2 mm. j Some cementoid formed on the kidneys in the mDM group. g 3D images of the six teeth that formed after DE-like cells and mDM were transplanted. Scale bar, 2 mm. h Intensity of the enamel and dentine in the six teeth. k Hematoxylin and eosin staining showed tooth-like structures containing alveolar bone (AB), enamel space (ES), dentin (D), and dental pulp (DP). Scale bar, 300 μm

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