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Fig. 3

From: Frequent retrotransposition of endogenous genes in ERCC2-deficient cells derived from a patient with xeroderma pigmentosum

Fig. 3

Retrotranspositions identified in each cell line. a Hierarchical clustering analysis of retrotransposed genes detected in the whole-exome sequencing. Each blue box indicates an existence of an intronless sequence, which is not assembled in the reference sequences. The two cell types, namely parental cells or iPSCs, are indicated by black and gray bars, respectively. b Numbers of retrotranspositions colored by their source, but not integrated, chromosomal positions. XP40OS iPSCs showed the largest number of retrotranspositions among all the samples in the present study. c Number of retrotranspositions in iPSCs subtracted by that in their parental cells. d Number of retrotransposed genes that were exclusively identified in a sole cell line

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