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Fig. 5

From: Bone marrow concentrate-induced mesenchymal stem cell conditioned medium facilitates wound healing and prevents hypertrophic scar formation in a rabbit ear model

Fig. 5

BMC-induced MSC CM accelerated cell proliferation in cell culture and in our rabbit ear model. a HS-derived fibroblasts were cultured in MSC CM, BMC CM, and BMC-induced MSC CM for 72 h. Cell viability was determined by CCK-8 assays every 24 h and compared with DMEM-treated samples. b Determination of cell cycle distribution by flow cytometry in HS-derived fibroblasts after culture with DMEM, MSC CM, BMC CM, or BMC-induced MSC CM for 72 h. cf RNA-seq analysis of HSs treated with DMEM or BMC-induced MSC CM for 72 h. Genes that were differentially expressed between DMEM and BMC-induced MSC CM are shown as up- or downregulated. c, d GO enrichment for up- and downregulated pathways. e, f Heatmap of hierarchical clustering indicated differentially expressed genes (rows) from three patients (fold change > 1.3, P < 0.05). Red indicates upregulation, and green indicates downregulation. Data are means ± standard errors of the means. *P < 0.05 compared with DMEM. A, DMEM; B, MSC CM; C, BMC CM; D, BMC-MSC CM; 2, 3, 6, no. of patient

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