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Fig. 1

From: Restore natural fertility of Kitw/Kitwv mouse with nonobstructive azoospermia through gene editing on SSCs mediated by CRISPR-Cas9

Fig. 1

Diagram for the cure strategy of the NOA in the Kitw/Kitwv mouse via CRISPR-Cas9-mediated gene editing in SSCs. Kitw/Kitwv SSC cell line was established from one testis of a 14-dpp Kitw/Kitwv mouse. Px458 plasmid with WV-sgRNA and exogenously supplied donor DNA were electroporated into Kitw/Kitwv SSCs. GFP-positive cells, which are transfected SSCs, are enriched for further expansion and identification. SSC cell line carrying the corrected WV site without off-target mutations is selected for transplantation into the other testis of the donor mouse. The cure of the NOA was evidenced by the birth of a healthy offspring 4 months after SSC transplantation

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