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Table 2 Overview of gene-transfected MSC studies conducted in in vitro and in vivo models

From: Enhancement of therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles

MSC origin Model In vivo/in vitro potency Transgene Ref.
H - BM Glioblastoma Increased survival in glioma stem cell-injected mice miR-124a [144]
H - BM Breast cancer Decreased tumor activity and size miR-379 [145]
H - BM Renal fibrosis Decreased matrix deposition miR-let-7c [108]
H - SYN Diabetes skin defect Increased proliferation of fibroblasts and epithelial cells miR-126 [117]
H - SYN Osteoarthritis Increased cartilage tissue regeneration miR-140-5p [116]
H - UC Glioblastoma (in vitro) Decreased proliferation and migration and increased chemosensitivity miR-124 [111]
H - UC Burn-induced inflammation Decreased inflammation miR-181c [146]
H/M - AD Liver fibrosis Inhibited fibrosis miR-122 [109]
H/M - AD Hepatocarcinoma Inhibited tumor growth miR-122 [110]
Marrow stromal cells Glioma Inhibited tumor growth miR-146b [112]
M - AD Liver fibrosis Increased autophagy miR-181-5p [147]
M - BM Autoimmune hepatitis Recovery from liver injury miR-223 [115]
R - BM Myocardial infarction Improved cardiac function and reduced infarction size miR-19a [100]
R - BM Cortical neuron activation (in vitro) Increased axonal growth miR-17-92 [113]
R - BM Intracerebral hemorrhage Neuroprotective effects miR-133b [114]
R - BM Acute myocardial infarction Increased cardiac function miR-133 [148]
R - BM Cardiomyocyte activation (in vitro) Increased survival after hypoxia in cardiomyocytes miR-221 [149]
  1. Abbreviations: MSC mesenchymal stem cell, H human, M mouse, R rat, BM bone marrow, AD adipose tissue, UC umbilical cord, SYN synovial