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Table 3 The characterization of the adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells from three donors

From: Multi-compositional MRI evaluation of repair cartilage in knee osteoarthritis with treatment of allogeneic human adipose-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells

Description Characterization
 No. 1# 2# 3#
 Sex Male Female Female
 Age (yes) 32 23 26
 Volume of adipose (ml) 150 100 100
 Morphology Cells are adherence to plastic and in spindle shape with large oval nuclei
 Cell marker Positive marker (CD90, CD73, CD105) > 95% +; negative marker (HLA-DR, CD14, CD45) < 2%
 Potency of chondrogenic differentiation   Positive  
 Viability   > 80%  
 Endotoxin   < 4 EU/ml  
 Sterility   Negative  
 Mycoplasma   Negative