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Fig. 1

From: Direct conversion of human fibroblast to hepatocytes using a single inducible polycistronic vector

Fig. 1

Robust, coordinated induction of HNF4A, HNF1A, FOXA3, and GFP transgenes. a Scheme of the DOX-inducible lentiviral vector TetO-HHFG, containing three different 2A peptides. b Schematic representation of the reprogramming strategies with and without the inducible reprogramming vector, TetO-HHFG (see “Methods” for details). c Early time response of DOX-dependent induction of HNF4A, HNF1A, FOXA3, and GFP mRNA, measured by qRT-PCR in HDF-LTDOX treated with 1000 ng/mL DOX (DOX). Values are referred to untreated HDF-LTDOX (T = 0; noDOX). Regression table is on the right. Data shown is represented as mean ± s.d. from two experiments with three biological replicates. d Immunofluorescence of HNF4A, HNF1A, FOXA3, and GFP in HDF-LTDOX treated without (noDOX) or with 1000 ng/mL DOX (DOX) for 3 days. Bar equals 50 μm. Quantification of immunofluorescence results is shown on the right

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