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Fig. 3

From: Physiologic expansion of human heart-derived cells enhances therapeutic repair of injured myocardium

Fig. 3

Influence of physiological environment cell culture conditions on explant-derived cell (EDC) culture. a Representative images of plated tissue from two initial cell cultures (UOHI01 and UOHI02) demonstrating progressive spontaneous migration of EDCs from the plated tissue to cover the cultureware over 9 days in culture. b Table outlining the cell yields and viability of the initial three cell cultures demonstrating the impact of reducing the interval between cell culture harvests. c Representative images from the initial cell cultures attempted showing sparse EDC outgrowth after the initial enzymatic harvest and the formation of adherent monolayers that occurred over time. d Experimental schemata, representative images, and experimental outcomes demonstrating the influence of altering cell culture conditions on EDC yields after the first enzymatic digestion. SF, serum free

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