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Fig. 6

From: Physiologic expansion of human heart-derived cells enhances therapeutic repair of injured myocardium

Fig. 6

The rationale for autologous heart-derived cell therapy. a Schematic comparison of traditional centralized cell manufacturing with the decentralized cytocentric strategy afforded through modular physiologic GMP serum-free cell culture. b Conceptual promise of all cell therapies (blue line) to restore function and prolong survival contrasted with the dismal prognosis conferred after first hospitalization for heart failure. c Schematic outline of the real world effect of heart failure on physical function ranging between excellent and death (ordinate) as a function of time (abscissa) from cardiac injury. The influence of early medical therapy and progressive functional decline is contrasted between young (black line) and aged (gray line) patients. The ability of autologous heart-derived cell therapy (blue line) to partially restore function is shown which results in a functional deficit that for an elderly patient is not very much different from baseline. Figure modified from Goodlin with permission [43]

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