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Fig. 2

From: Human mesenchymal stromal cells broadly modulate high glucose-induced inflammatory responses of renal proximal tubular cell monolayers

Fig. 2

High glucose exposure increases the inflammatory response of RPTEC/TERT1 cell stable monolayers: a Schematic diagram of the experimental protocol. b Concentrations of inflammatory biomarkers IL-8 (top left), IL-6 (top right), MCP-1 (bottom left) and tubular injury marker NGAL (bottom right) in culture supernatants of RPTEC/TERT1 cell stable monolayers between 3 and 120 h following exposure to medium containing normal (5 mM) glucose (CTRL, grey line), high (30 nM) glucose (HG, red line) and 5 mM glucose + 25 mM mannitol (MAN, blue line). All results are presented as mean ± SD. Statistical analyses were performed by one-way ANOVA. *p < 0.05. c Representative examples of flow cytometric analysis of RPTEC/TERT1 cell viability by propidium iodide exclusion at various time-points following exposure to the three culture conditions. Percentages of dead cells (PI+ve) are shown for each condition

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