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Fig. 5

From: Human mesenchymal stromal cells broadly modulate high glucose-induced inflammatory responses of renal proximal tubular cell monolayers

Fig. 5

High-level bioinformatics analyses of RNA-seq transcriptional profiling of RPTEC/TERT1 monolayers following 5-day exposure to control, high glucose and mannitol culture conditions: a Table summarising the samples subjected to RNA-seq. b Unsupervised hierarchical clustering of the RNA-seq profiles of samples (nomenclature as per Fig. 4a). c Scatter plot of principal component analysis of the RNA-seq profiles. Each dot represents one sample (nomenclature as per Fig. 4a). d Figures illustrating the numbers of total upregulated and downregulated DEGs for high glucose (HG) vs. normal glucose control (CTRL) culture conditions and high glucose vs. mannitol control (MAN) culture conditions. Overlapping segments indicate the numbers of DEGs that were common to both comparisons

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