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Fig. 3

From: TSG-6 in conditioned media from adipose mesenchymal stem cells protects against visual deficits in mild traumatic brain injury model through neurovascular modulation

Fig. 3

Depletion of TSG-6 from ASC-CCM fails to suppress TNFα-induced trans-endothelial resistance. a Trans-endothelial resistance is protected by siControl ASC-CCM, but not by siTSG-6 TSG-6 ASC-CCM in vitro. Representative ECIS tracings plotted as normalized resistance expressed as mean ± SEM of a single experiment performed in replicates with similar data from two independent experiments. *p < 0.001 compared to control, ^p < 0.05 compared to TNF. b Representative confocal immunofluorescence images of VE-cadherin in HREC. White arrows indicate loss of cell-cell contacts

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