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Table 1 miRNA with known targets and their functions in animal models

From: Applications of miRNAs in cardiac development, disease progression and regeneration

miRNAAnimal modelTargetFunctionReferences
miR-1MiceHand2Downregulate ventricular cardiomyocytes expansion, promote cardiac differentiation[51]
MiceDelta-1Promotes mesoderm formation, cardiac lineage determination[48]
DrosophilaDeltaRegulates expansion of cardiac and muscle progenitor cells[56]
miR-17-92MiceIsl1, Tbx1Regulation proliferation of cardiac progenitors[53]
miR-130aMiceFog-2Regulates myocardium growth[54]
miR-133aMiceSerum response factor, cyclin D2Negatively regulate cardiomyocyte proliferation[50]
miR-138ZebrafishCspg2Regulates ventricular cardiomyocyte maturation[55]