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Table 2 Available clinical trials of the application of MSCs in AKI

From: Current understanding of the administration of mesenchymal stem cells in acute kidney injury to chronic kidney disease transition: a review with a focus on preclinical models identifierYearAimMSC typeEnrollmentPhaseStatusOutcomes
NCT007338762008For the prevention of developing AKI after cardiac surgeryAllogeneic16Phase ICompletedSafe and effective
NCT016023282017For the treatment of AKI after cardiac surgeryAllogeneic156Phase IITerminatedSafe but not effective
NCT012756122018For the treatment of cisplatin-induced AKI in cancer patientsAllogeneicNMPhase IWithdrawnNM
NCT030156232018For the treatment of AKI regardless of the underlying reasonsAllogeneic MSCs combined with a biologic device24Phase IRecruitingDate not published
  1. MSCs mesenchymal stem cells, AKI acute kidney injury, NM not mentioned