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Table 3 Failed attempts of MSC treatment in animal models

From: Current understanding of the administration of mesenchymal stem cells in acute kidney injury to chronic kidney disease transition: a review with a focus on preclinical models

ReferenceYearSampleModelRenal outcomes
Rosselli et al. [103]2015CatsUnilateral I/R injuryNo changes in renal function, UP/C, SMA, and histopathologic scoring
Fang et al. [104]2008MiceHgCl2No contribution to renal tubular cells regeneration
Kankuri et al. [106]2015RatsBilateral I/R injuryExacerbation of renal function
  1. MSCs mesenchymal stem cells, I/R ischemia-reperfusion, UP/C urine protein: creatinine, SMA smooth muscle actin