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Table 2 Antibodies used for immunoblotting

From: Loss of receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor 2 impairs the osteogenesis of mBMSCs by inhibiting signal transducer and activator of transcription 3

Marker (species)DilutionDistributor/source (catalog number)
Primary antibody
 RANKL mouse mAb1:100Novus Biologicals (12A380)
 OSX rabbit mAb1:70(IHF)Santa Cruz (A13)
 OSX rabbit mAb1:1000(WB)Abcam (ab22552)
 OPN goat mAb1:200(IHF)R&D (af808)
 OPN rabbit pAb1:1000(WB)ZEN BIO(380437)
 COL1A1 goat pAb1:200Santa Cruz (sc-8784-R)
 CD31 rabbit mAb1:200Biolegend (102502)
 SOX9 rabbit mAb1:300Millipore (ab-5535)
 Ror2 rabbit pAb1:1000CST (4105)
 Stat3 mouse mAb1:1000(WB)CST (9139)
 Stat3 mouse mAb1:100(ICF)CST (9139)
 Runx2 rabbit mAb1:1000CST (8486)
 pStat3 mouse mAb1:2000CST (4113)
Secondary antibody
 Anti-rabbit IgG (Fluor® 488 Conjugate)1:500 (IHF)Yeasen Biotech (33106ES60)
 Anti-mouse IgG (Fluor® 568 Conjugate)1:500 (IHF)Abcam (ab175473)
 Anti-rat IgG (Fluor® 594 Conjugate)1:500 (IHF)Yeasen Biotech (34412ES60)
 Anti-mouse IgG (Fluor® 564 Conjugate)1:300 (ICF)Yeasen Biotech (33212ES60)
 Anti-mouse IgG HRP-linked Ab1:2000 (WB)CST (7076)
 Anti-rabbit IgG HRP-linked Ab1:2000 (WB)CST (7074)
  1. IHF immunohistofluorescence, WB western blot, ICF immunocytofluorescence