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Table 2 List of secondary antibodies

From: Direct lineage tracing reveals Activin-a potential for improved pancreatic homing of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and efficient ß-cell regeneration in vivo

Sr. no. Antibody Company and catalog no. Isotype IgG Mono/polyclonal Ab Application Dilution
1 Anti-Mouse-IgG-HRP Jackson ImmunoResearch
Goat Poly Western 1:5000
2 Anti-Rabbit-IgG-HRP Jackson Immuno Research
Goat Poly Western 1:5000
3 Anti-Mouse-IgG-FITC Sigma#F8771 Goat Poly IF 1:200
4 Anti-Rabbit-IgG-FITC Sigma#F9887 Goat Poly IF 1:200
5 Anti-Mouse-IgG-CF555 Sigma#SAB4600299 Goat Poly IF 1:100
6 Anti-Rabbit-IgG-CF555 Sigma#SAB4600068 Goat Poly IF 1:100