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Table 1 Functional scales

From: Comparative analysis of mouse bone marrow and adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells for critical limb ischemia cell therapy

Tarlov score Description
 0 No movement
 1 Barely perceptible movement, non–weight bearing
 2 Frequent movement, non–weight bearing
 3 Supports weight, partial weight bearing
 4 Walks with mild deficit
 5 Normal but slow walking
 6 Full and fast walking
Ischemia score Description
 0 Autoamputation > half lower limb
 1 Gangrenous tissue > half foot
 2 Gangrenous tissue < half foot, with lower limb muscle necrosis
 3 Gangrenous tissue < half foot, without lower limb muscle necrosis
 4 Pale foot or gait abnormalities
 5 Normal
Modified ischemia score Description
 0 Autoamputation of leg
 1 Leg necrosis
 2 Foot necrosis
 3 Discoloration of 2 toes
 4 Discoloration of 1 toe
 5 Discoloration of >  2 nails
 6 Discoloration of 1 nail
 7 No necrosis
The grade of limb necrosis Description
 0 Normal limb without swelling, necrosis or atrophy of muscle
 1 Necrosis limiting to toes (toes loss)
 2 Necrosis extending to a dorsum pedis (foot loss)
 3 Necrosis extending to a crus (knee loss)
 4 Necrosis extending to a thigh (total hind-limb loss)
Function score Description
 0 Dragging
 1 No plantar flexion
 2 No toe flexion
 3 No grabbing force
 4 Some grabbing force
 5 Normal