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Fig. 6

From: MicroRNA-126 protects against vascular injury by promoting homing and maintaining stemness of late outgrowth endothelial progenitor cells

Fig. 6

miR-126 contributes to LOC stemness. Relative gene expression was determined for Oct-4 (a), sox-2 (b), Nanog (c), and Rex-1 (d) by real-time PCR after transfection with miR-126 inhibitor or lenti–miR-126. KLF-8 mRNA wide-type (KLF-8 WT) and the mutated-type (KLF-8  mut) in the miR-126 binding sites were shown (e). Luciferase activity of LOCs co-transfected with lenti-miR-126 or lenti-miR-NC and luciferase reporters containing KLF-8 WT or KLF-8 mut transcript were determined by dual-luciferase reporter assays (f). KLF-8 protein (g) and mRNA (h) expression in LOCs transfected with lenti-miR-126 or lenti-miR-NC. Data are presented as mean ± SD. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, and ***P < 0.001, vs respective control group; n ≥ 3

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