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Table 2 Properties and benefits of cell culture in microfluidic devices [97]

From: Different approaches for transformation of mesenchymal stem cells into hepatocyte-like cells

Property of microfluidic systems Benefit for cell culture
Small chip size and microchannels on the cellular length scale (5–500 μm) -Reduced sample/reagent consumption
-Numerous cell coculture in a single device
-Faster transfer of cell culture medium and heat, i.e., short equilibration time
2D or 3D network and structure -Simulating in vivo cell growth development
The feasibility to integrate multiple microfluidic devices on a chip -Integrate with fluid handling operations for efficient and high-throughput cellular analysis
-Integrate with detection functionality for in situ monitoring of cellular events
-Integrate with functionality for temperature control of the cellular microenvironment etc.