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Table 3 Functional enrichment table performed with EPC-related genes on a database of mouse phenotype. Columns respectively describe the database employed during the functional enrichment, mouse phenotype identifier with their description, and number of genes found to be implicated in the enriched phenotype with respective p values for each phenotype (p values of enrichment were obtained with Toppgene application)

From: Single-cell transcriptomic profiling and characterization of endothelial progenitor cells: new approach for finding novel markers

Database Mouse phenotype identifiers Mouse phenotype description Number of EPC-related genes implicated p values of enrichment
Mouse Phenotype MP:0000260 Abnormal angiogenesis 8 2.254E−7
Mouse Phenotype MP:0002191 Abnormal artery morphology 8 1.953E−6
Mouse Phenotype MP:0000259 Abnormal vascular development 8 2.402E−6
Mouse Phenotype MP:0001614 Abnormal blood vessel morphology 10 1.440E−5
Mouse Phenotype MP:0005602 Decreased angiogenesis 4 2.439E−5
Mouse Phenotype MP:0005592 Abnormal vascular smooth muscle morphology 4 3.091E−5
Mouse Phenotype MP:0003227 Abnormal vascular branching morphogenesis 3 5.270E−5