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Table 1 Classification of biological functions in heatmaps according to GO categories

From: Analyses of the pericyte transcriptome in ischemic skeletal muscles

Name GO ID GO name
Skeletal muscle development (Fig. 5e) 1902725 Negative regulation of satellite cell differentiation
1902810 Negative regulation of skeletal muscle fiber differentiation
0048632 Negative regulation of skeletal muscle tissue growth
1902811 Positive regulation of skeletal muscle fiber differentiation
0048743 Positive regulation of skeletal muscle fiber development
0048633 Positive regulation of skeletal muscle tissue growth
2001014 Regulation of skeletal muscle cell differentiation
0048742 Regulation of skeletal muscle fiber development
0048631 Regulation of skeletal muscle tissue growth
0048741 Skeletal muscle fiber development
0045214 Sarcomere organization
0048769 Sarcomerogenesis
0030241 Skeletal muscle myosin thick filament assembly
0033292 T-tubule organization
0007520 Myoblast fusion
0014904 Myotube cell development
0014908 Myotube differentiation involved in skeletal muscle regeneration
0010832 Negative regulation of myotube differentiation
0010831 Positive regulation of myotube differentiation
0010830 Regulation of myotube differentiation
0098528 Skeletal muscle fiber differentiation
1901740 Negative regulation of myoblast fusion
0060299 Negative regulation of sarcomere organization
0060298 Positive regulation of sarcomere organization
0060297 Regulation of sarcomere organization
0014866 Skeletal myofibril assembly
Neurogenesis (Fig. 5g) 0014013 Regulation of gliogenesis
0010001 Glial cell differentiation
0016322 Neuron remodeling
0014041 Regulation of neuron maturation
Cell cycle (Fig. 5h) 0010564 Regulation of cell cycle process
1901976 Regulation of cell cycle checkpoint
0007346 Regulation of mitotic cell cycle
Vasculogenesis (Fig. 6a) 0035441 Cell migration involved in vasculogenesis
2001212 Regulation of vasculogenesis
0060312 Regulation of blood vessel remodeling
1904752 Regulation of vascular associated smooth muscle cell migration
1901432 Regulation of vasculature development
1990936 Vascular smooth muscle cell dedifferentiation
1905651 Regulation of artery morphogenesis
1904753 Negative regulation of vascular associated smooth muscle cell migration
0045765 Regulation of angiogenesis
0002040 Sprouting angiogenesis
0120078 Cell adhesion involved in sprouting angiogenesis
VEGF (Fig. 6b) 0048010 Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor signaling pathway
Effect of endothelial cells (Fig. 6c) 1901509 Regulation of endothelial tube morphogenesis
0045601 Regulation of endothelial cell differentiation
0001936 Regulation of endothelial cell proliferation
Response to ischemia (Fig. 6d) 0002931 Response to ischemia
Cell junction organization (Supplementary Fig. 3a) 0034330 Cell junction organization
Regulation of cell adhesion (Supplementary Fig.3c) 0030155 Regulation of cell adhesion
Extracellular matrix (Supplementary Fig.3b) 0030199 Collagen fibril organization
0085029 Extracellular matrix assembly
0001952 Regulation of cell-matrix adhesion
Leukocyte activation (Supplementary Fig.3d) 0045321 Leukocyte activation