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Table 2 Genes related to energy metabolism and myocardial maturation that may bind NRF2 as obtained from the GTRD database

From: NRF2 is required for structural and metabolic maturation of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived ardiomyocytes

ID Gene symbol Ensembl ID SiteCount
ENSG00000138413 IDH1 ENST00000446179 1
ENSG00000182054 IDH2 ENST00000560061 1
ENSG00000157184 CPT2 ENST00000468572 1
ENSG00000131495 NDUFA2 ENST00000252102 1
ENSG00000128609 NDUFA5 ENST00000466896 1
ENSG00000130414 NDUFA10 ENST00000252711 2
ENSG00000090266 NDUFB2 ENST00000247866 1
ENSG00000073578 SDHA ENST00000264932 1
ENSG00000178741 COX5A ENST00000562233 1
ENSG00000110955 ATP5B ENST00000548647 1
ENSG00000116459 ATP5F1 ENST00000464154 1
ENSG00000078401 EDN1 ENST00000379375 1
ENSG00000107147 KCNT1 ENST00000371757 1
ENSG00000152049 KCNE4 ENST00000488477 1