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Table 1 Scoring criteria of ocular surface appearance

From: Clinical outcomes of modified simple limbal epithelial transplantation for limbal stem cell deficiency in Chinese population: a retrospective case series

Grade Symblepharon Corneal neovascularization Conjunctivalization Cornea opacification
0 No symblepharon No neovascularization No conjunctivalization A clear cornea with clearly visible iris details
1 Limited to the conjunctiva Confined to the limbus of the cornea Conjunctivalization involving less than one quarter of the corneal surface Partial obscuration of the iris details
2 Extending to the limbus Extending up to the margin of the pupil Conjunctivalization involving one quarter to one half Poor visibility of the iris details with a barely visible pupil margin
3 Extending to the cornea Extending beyond the margin of the pupil into the central cornea Conjunctivalization involving more than one half of the corneal surface Completely obscured iris and pupil details