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Table 2 Renal LC3B expression and recovery of renal function in patients with ischemic acute kidney injurya

From: Hypoxic mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate acute kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury via enhancing renal tubular autophagy

  Odds ratio (95% CI)c p valueb
Renal LC3B expression (per 10 TPM increase)b Model 1: unadjusted 2.88 (1.50~7.46) 0.007
Model 2: adjusted for age and gender 4.40 (1.80~16.82) 0.007
Model 3: adjusted for age, gender and baseline renal function 3.94 (1.50~17.37) 0.024
Model 4: adjusted for age, gender, baseline renal function, interstitial fibrosis, and inflammation 3.93 (1.40~21.55) 0.041
  1. aRecovery of renal function was defined as the occurrence of a glomerular filtration rate greater than or equal to the baseline value during the follow-up period
  2. bThe LC3B mRNA levels in the renal biopsy specimens were expressed by TPM
  3. cOdds ratio and 95% confidence interval (CI) for recovery of renal function were calculated by multivariable-adjusted logistic regression models