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Table 3 Evaluation of MSC exosomes therapeutic potential in clinical trial registered in (January 2021)

From: Mesenchymal stem/stromal cell-derived exosomes in regenerative medicine and cancer; overview of development, challenges, and opportunities

Condition Study phase Participant number Cell source Cell type Delivery route Location NCT number
ARDS 1/2 169 n.a Allogeneic Inhalation China NCT04602104
COVID-19 1 24 AT Allogeneic Inhalation China NCT04276987
MODS n.a 60 n.a Allogeneic IV China NCT04356300
Pulmonary infection 1/2 60 AT Allogeneic Inhalation China NCT04544215
AIS 1/2 5 n.a Allogeneic IP Iran NCT03384433
Dry eye 1/2 27 UC Allogeneic Inhalation China NCT04213248
Macular holes 1 44 n.a Allogeneic Intravitreal China NCT03437759
Preeclampsia n.a 200 UC Allogeneic n.a Egypt NCT03562715
AD 1/2 9 AT Allogeneic Intranasal China NCT04388982
  1. Note; ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome, COVID-19 coronavirus disease 2019, MODS multiple organ dysfunction syndromes, AIS acute ischemic stroke, AD Alzheimer's diseases, AT adipose tissue, UC umbilical cord, IV intravenous, IP intraperitoneal, n.a not available