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Table 1 Detailed information on the antibodies for western blot analysis

From: Epidermal stem cells maintain stemness via a biomimetic micro/nanofiber scaffold that promotes wound healing by activating the Notch signaling pathway

Antibody Dilution ratio Source
Polyclonal anti-cyclin D1 1:1000 26939-1-AP; Proteintech
Polyclonal anti-cyclin E1 1:1000 11554-1-AP; Proteintech
Monoclonal[EP1607IHCY] Anti-cytokeratin 10 1:5000 ab76318; Abcam
Polyclonal anti-cytokeratin 14 1:2000 10143-1-AP; Proteintech
Polyclonal anti-cytokeratin 19 1:2000 10712-1-AP; Proteintech
Polyclonal anti-Notch1 1:1000 20687-1-AP; Proteintech
Monoclonal[D4Y1R] Anti-Jagged1 1:1000 #70109; CST
Monoclonal[D6P2U] Anti-Hes1 1:1000 #11988; CST
Polyclonal anti-GAPDH 1:5000 10494-1-AP; Proteintech
Polyclonal anti-rabbit IgG(H&L) 1:10000 A0208, Beyotime, China
Polyclonal anti-mouse IgG(H&L) 1:10000 A0192, Beyotime, China