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Fig. 3

From: Recent strategies for enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of stem cells in wound healing

Fig. 3

Reproduced from the article by authors Du et al. [15], copyright 2016, Du et al.

Improved blood perfusion and increased formation of collateral vessels in ischemic site after the transplantation of VCAM-1 + CV-MSCs [15]. A Different proportions of limb salvage, foot necrosis, and limb loss in VCAM-1 + / − CV-MSCs and PBS groups; B ischemia scores and C ambulatory impairment scores are used to assess the ischemia injury and the function of ischemic limbs; D different conditions of blood perfusion (red represents increased perfusion) in three groups; E the blood flow restoration of three groups is measured by blood perfusion ratio; F the formation of vessels in three groups is evaluated by angiography and G their angiography scores are shown; H H & E staining is used to further confirm; I vessel density of ischemia limbs. CV: chorionic villi; PBS: phosphate-buffered saline; VCAM-1: vascular cell adhesion molecule 1.

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