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Fig. 4

From: Recent strategies for enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of stem cells in wound healing

Fig. 4

Reproduced from the article by authors Chen et al. [18], copyright 2009, Chen et al.

Comparison of the effects of allogeneic and syngeneic MSCs in wound regeneration [18]. A Experimental scheme and the method of obtaining allogeneic or syngeneic GFP + MSCs and GFP + fibroblasts; B the effects of transplanted MSCs, fibroblasts or control medium (sham) derived from C57BL/6 mice on excisional wounds in BALB/C or C57BL/6 mice; C the engraftment of MSCs or fibroblasts in wounds; D, E the proportions of leukocytes or their subsets in the normal skin or wounds at 1 week or 2 weeks; F the images of CD3 + T cells (red) in wounds at 14 days. Allo-FB: allogeneic fibroblast; Syn-FB: syngeneic fibroblast; Allo-MSC: allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells; Syn-MSC: syngeneic mesenchymal stem cells.

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