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Table 2 A summary of clinical trials based on mesenchymal stem/stromal cell therapies for accelerating cutaneous wound healing registered in (August 2021)

From: MSCs and their exosomes: a rapidly evolving approach in the context of cutaneous wounds therapy

Condition Cell source Phase Participant number Status Location NCT number
Skin Wound Injury UC 1 20 Completed China NCT02669199
Skin Ulcers UC 1 20 Completed China NCT02685722
Burn Wound NA 1 15 Completed USA NCT02104713
Plaque Psoriasis UC 1/2 30 Unknown China NCT02491658
Plaque Psoriasis UC 1 57 Unknown China NCT03424629
Plaque Psoriasis AT NA 8 Enrolling by invitation China NCT04275024
Plaque Psoriasis AT 1/2 16 Recruiting China NCT04785027
Plaque Psoriasis AT 1/2 7 Active, not recruiting China NCT03265613
Plaque Psoriasis AT 1/2 8 Enrolling by invitation China NCT03392311
Epidermolysis Bullosa UCB 2 75 Recruiting USA NCT01033552
Epidermolysis Bullosa UCB 2 84 Recruiting USA NCT02582775
Epidermolysis Bullosa BM 1/2 10 Not yet recruiting USA NCT04173650
Diabetic Foot Ulcers BM 1 12 Unknown Israel NCT01686139
Plaque Psoriasis UCB 1 9 Recruiting Korea, Republic of NCT02918123
Atopic Dermatitis AT 1/2 90 Enrolling by invitation Korea, Republic of NCT04725136
Atopic Dermatitis AT 3 197 Completed Korea, Republic of NCT03269773
Diabetic Foot Ulcers NA 1/2 51 Unknown Colombia NCT02943486
  1. Adipose tissue (AT), Bone marrow (BM), Umbilical cord (UC), Umbilical cord blood (UCB)