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Table 1 Common animal models of RP

From: Update of application of olfactory ensheathing cells and stem cells/exosomes in the treatment of retinal disorders

Classification Common animal models Characteristics References
Natural rd1 mouse Autosomal recessive Kalloniatis et al. [49]
  RCS rat Autosomal recessive He et al. [50]
  Cat Autosomal recessive Winkler [51]
  Dog Autosomal recessive, RPE65 genetic mutations Dinculescu et al. [52]
  Mouse and dog Autosomal dominant, RHO genetic mutations Massengill et al. [53]
  Mouse X-linked, RPGR deficiency Gumerson et al. [54]
Drug injection Rat N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea Intraperitoneal injection Yoshizawa et al. [56]
  Sheep Sodium iodate intravenous injection Ong et al. [55]
Laser Rat Blue light exposure Vila et al. [57]
Gene knock-out Mouse RP2 knock-out Mookherjee et al. [58]
  Mouse CNGB1 knock-out Michalakis et al. [59]
  Mouse SPATA7 knock-out Zhong et al. [60]
  Rat LRAT knock-out Koster et al. [61]
  Mouse miRNA-183/96 knock-out Xiang et al. [62]
  Mouse miRNA-183 knock-out Zhang et al. [63]
  Mouse miRNA-182 knock-out Wu et al. [64]
Gene knock-in Mouse P23H opsin knock-in Sakami et al. [65]
  Mouse RhoD190N knock-in Sancho-Pelluz et al. [66]