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Table 1 Results of clinical trials using MSCs to treat GVHD

From: Current status of clinical trials assessing mesenchymal stem cell therapy for graft versus host disease: a systematic review

Clinical trial Median age (range) Condition MSC administration protocol 28d response rate (%) Other time points response rate (%) Survival rate (%) Follow-up time Reference
MSC frequency MSC dosage (× 106/kg)
No.1 27.8y (1–65) SR grade II–IV GVHD 3 (children: 2–7 adults: 2–11) 1.5 (0.8–3.1) OR:67.5 CR:27.5 N/A 1y:50 2y:38.6 median survival time:1.1y 2.8y Introna et al. [54]
No.2 44.9y (1.3–68.9) SR grade II–IV aGVHD 3 (1–4) 1.8 (0.9–2.5) CR:25 N/A 1y:44 150d Te Boome et al. [71]
No.7 21–66y refractory acute or chronic GVHD aGVHD:1–4 cGVHD:1–3 0.2–2.9 N/A exact time unknown:aGVHD:OR:70 CR:10 cGVHD:OR:50 CR:12.5 N/A N/A Pérez-Simon et al. [55]
No.12  ≤ 18y N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
No.14 58y (5–69) grade II–IV SR aGVHD 1/2 1–2 or 3–4 OR:40.6 CR:21.9 (30 d) 90d:OR:46.9 CR:31.2 90d:30.3 1y:18.2 1y Servais et al. [96]
No.23 50y (20–61) moderate to severe refactory cGVHD 6–9 2 N/A time points varies from different patients:OR:54.5 N/A 76m Boberg et al. [75]
No.27 7y (0–17) grade II–IV SR aGVHD(excluding skin-only grade II) 8 2 OR:70.4 CR:29.6 56d:OR:59.3 CR:31.5 100d:OR:70.4 CR:44.4 100d:74.1 180d:68.5 180d Kurtzberg et al. [37]
No.32 group A:51y (24–60) group B:46y (36–60) moderate or severe cGVHD 1 group A:1 group B:3 N/A 20w:OR:71.4 CR:35.7 42w:OR:71.4 CR:42.9 56w:OR:71.4 CR:57.1 56w:71.4 median survival time:45.3w 56w Jurado et al. [102
No.35 18–70y grade II–IV SR aGVHD 2 cohort A:1 cohort B:2 cohort A:OR:62.5 CR:12.5 cohort B:OR:85.7 CR:57.1 total:OR:77.3 CR:33.3 100d:cohort A:OR:87.5 CR:50 cohort B:OR:85.7 CR:57.1 total:OR:86.7 CR:53.3 100d:cohort A:87.5 cohort B:85.7 total:86.7 100d Bloor et al. [39]
No.42 6 m–70y SR grade II–IV aGVHD 8 (+ 4) 2 OR:remestemcel-L group:58 placebo group:54 p = 0.59 N/A 180d:remestemcel-L group:34 placebo group:42 180d Kebriaei et al. [64]
No.42 N/A SR aGVHD 8 (+ 4) 2 N/A 100d:OR:remestemcel-L group:82 placebo:73 p = 0.12 N/A N/A Martin et al. [88]
No.43 57.5y (35–73) de novo high risk or SR grade I–IV aGVHD 2 low dose group:2 high dose group:10 OR:70 CR:40 N/A 100d:90 180d:60 N/A Soder et al. [103]
No.44 52y (34–67) grade II–IV aGVHD 2 low dose group:2 high dose group:8 low dose group:OR:87.5 CR:87.5 high dose group:OR:100 CR:66.7 total:OR:94 CR:77 N/A 90d:71.0 90d Kebriaei et al. [87]
No.45 36y (21–52) refractory acute and chronic GVHD 1 1.0 N/A 1w:OR:40 5w:90.9 5w Yi et al. [58]
No.50 9.6y (0.3–18.2) grade II–IV SR aGVHD 11 (1–24) 2 OR:65.1 CR:14.1 100d:OR:51.5 CR:32.8 100d:66.9 100d Kurtzberg et al. [37]
No.50 7.8y (0.2–17.5) grade II–IV SR aGVHD 10 (1–20) 2 OR:61.3 100d:OR:77 100d:57.3 100d Kurtzberg et al. [67]
No.53 group1:54.5y (0.9–65.6) group2:48.9y (1.6–72.4) grade II–IV aGVHD group1:1 (1–5) group2:2 (1–6) p = 0.002 group1:2.0 (0.9–2.8) group2:1.2 (0.9–2.9) p < 0.001 group1:OR:58.8 CR:29.4 group2:OR:100 CR:52.4 p = 0.013 group1 SR patients:OR:46 group2 SR patients:OR:100 N/A 1y:group1:47 group2:76 p = 0.016 group1 SR patients:31 group2 SR patients:73 p = 0.02 N/A Ringden et al. [56]
No.53 49y (1.6–72) grade II–IV aGVHD 2 (1–6) 1.2 (0.9–2.9) OR:100 CR:52.4 56d:OR:95 1y:81 2y:67 4y:57 SR patients:4y:55 4y Sadeghi et al. [104]
No.64 52y (4–62) SR grade II–III aGVHD 8 (5–12) 2 OR:93 CR:57 24w:OR:93 CR:85.7 24w:78.6 96w:57.1 96w Muroi et al. [34]
No.65 33y (5–66) SR grade III–IV aGVHD 4–12 2 OR:60 CR:24 12w:OR:60 CR:52 24w:OR:60 CR:48 36w:OR:52 CR:44 52w:48 52w Muroi et al. [35]
No.66 41.5y (17–68) severe SR cGVHD 4 1 N/A 8w:PR:100 exact time unknown:90 N/A Kim et al. [28]
No.69 aGVHD:21–61y cGVHD:31–53y grade II–IV SR aGVHD;SR cGVHD aGVHD:2–19 cGVHD:2–11 1.7–2.3 N/A exact time unknown:aGVHD:OR:92 CR:58 cGVHD:OR:57 CR:29 aGVHD:3y:55 cGVHD:median survival time:8m N/A Herrmann et al [74]