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Table 1 The recent clinical trials targeting CSCs or CSC-associated pathways

From: Characteristics of the cancer stem cell niche and therapeutic strategies

Pathway Agent Tumor type Phase Study number
EMT Plerixafor Pancreatic cancer Phase 2 NCT04177810
Multiple myeloma Phase 4 NCT05087212
Eribulin Breast cancer Phase 1 NCT02120469
Phase 2 NCT04517292
GI-6301 Chordoma Phase 2 NCT02383498
Vorinostat T-cell lymphoma Phase 3 NCT01728805
Fresolimumab Breast cancer Phase 2 NCT01401062
Hypoxia Temsirolimus Renal cell carcinoma Phase 1 NCT00700258
CRLX101 Prostate cancer Phase 2 NCT03531827
Renal cell carcinoma Phase 2 NCT02187302
Notch PF-03084014 Desmoid tumors Phase 2 NCT04195399
Breast cancer Phase 1 NCT01876251
LY3039478 Solid tumors Phase 1 NCT02836600
MK-0752 Breast cancer Phase 4 NCT00756717
Tarextumab Solid tumors Phase 1 NCT01277146
CB-103 Advanced cancers Phase 1/2 NCT03422679
Wnt PRI-724 PDAC Phase 1 NCT01764477
DKN-01 Biliary tract cancer Phase 1 NCT04057365
Gastric cancer Phase 2 NCT04363801
Liver cancer Phase 1/2 NCT03645980
Vantictumab Breast cancer Phase 1b NCT01973309
CWP232291 Acute myeloid leukemia Phase 1/2 NCT03055286
Hedgehog Vismodegib Basal cell carcinoma Phase 2 NCT02667574
Chondrosarcomas Phase 2 NCT01267955
Meningiomas Phase 2 NCT02523014
Medulloblastoma Phase 2 NCT01878617
Itraconazole Esophageal cancer Phase 2 NCT04481100/NCT04018872
Prostate cancer Phase 1/2 NCT03513211
Taladegib Solid tumors Phase 2 NCT05199584