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Table 1 Undifferentiated and differentiated hPSC populations

From: Endothelial and hematopoietic hPSCs differentiation via a hematoendothelial progenitor

Populations Abbreviations/identifications used in the text
Undifferentiated hPSCs
 hESCs H1 and SA01 cell lines
 hiPSCs A29
Differentiated hPSCs
 Non-sorted EBs at 84 h of differentiation hPSC-EBs
 Sorted EBs based on the expression of CD144 hPSC-EB-CD144+
 ECs derived from hPSC-EB-CD144+ hPSC-ECs
 BCs derived from hPSC-EB-CD144+ hPSC-BCs
 Sorted hPSC-BCs based on the expression of CD144 and CD45 hPSC-BC-CD144+CD45+