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Table 1 Completed clinical trials using MSCs transplantation to treat liver cirrhosis, registered under

From: Mesenchymal stromal cells: promising treatment for liver cirrhosis

NCT number Dates Conditions Study phase Interventions Cell source No. of patients Primary outcome measures Locations
NCT01342250 2010.10–2011.10 Liver Cirrhosis Phase 1
Phase 2
Conventional therapy plus hUC-MSCs treatment hUC-MSCs 20 Overall Survival China
NCT01591200 2021.06–2016.04 Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis Phase 2 Allogeneic MSCs injected through the hepatic artery BM-MSCs 40 Safety India
NCT01875081 2012.11–2016.03 Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis Phase 2 5*107 autologous BM-MSCs injected through the hepatic artery BM-MSCs 72 Histopathological evaluation Korea
NCT01220492 2009.05–2016.04 Liver Cirrhosis Phase 1
Phase 2
Taken i.v. once per 4 weeks, at a dose of 0.5*106 MSC/kg body for 8 weeks UC-MSCs 266 1.Survival time;
2. Incidence of HCC events
NCT00420134 2006.02–2009.06 Liver Failure Cirrhosis Phase 1
Phase 2
Progenitor of hepatocyte derived from Mesenchymal stem cell injected into portal vein From the end-stage liver disease 30 1.Liver function test;
2. MELD score
NCT04243681 2019.07–2020.09 Liver Cirrhosis Phase 4 MSCs and Hematopoietic
Stem cell injected through hepatic artery
CD34 + cell and MSCs 5 Safety India
NCT01454336 2010.06–2013.07 Liver Fibrosis Phase 1 Autologous MSCs injected via portal vein; 30 mg pioglitazone daily for 24 months BM-MSCs 3 1. ALT, AST, Serum Albumin levels;
2. The decrease in grade of liver fibrosis
NCT01062750 2012.10–2015.05 Liver Cirrhosis Not Applicable Autologous AT-MSCs via intrahepatic arterial catheterization AT-MSCs 4 All cause harmful events Japan