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Table 1 Surface epitope phenotype of bone marrow-, tonsil-, muscle-, and dental pulp-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells*

From: Activin A expression regulates multipotency of mesenchymal progenitor cells

CD14 - - - -
CD34 - - - -
CD45 - - - -
CD73 + + + +
CD90 + + + +
CD105 + + + +
  1. *Surface epitopes or CD markers identified on the basis of immuoreactivity analyzed by fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS). FACS analysis showed that more than 95% of these cells were negative (-) for the expression of CD14, CD34, and CD45, and were positive (+) for CD73, CD90 and, CD105. Controls consisted of fluorescence observed with isotypic controls. BM, bone marrow; DP, dental pulp; M, muscle; MPC, mesenchymal progenitor cell; T, tonsil.