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Table 1 Summary of clinical studies conducted using bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in patients with osteoarthritis

From: Mesenchymal stem cells for cartilage repair in osteoarthritis

Authors or
Type of
Cell type and
dose used
Efficacy parameters Outcome Duration offollow-up Referenceor Clinical-Trials. govidentifier
1 Kuroda et al., 2007
1 Case report Autologous BM-MSCs
+ collagen gel
Arthroscopy and HPE Defect filled with hyaline-like type of cartilage tissue 1 year [40]
2 Wakitani et al.,
2007 [41]
3 Case series Autologous BM-MSCs
(5 million) + collagen sheet
HPE and MRI Histology: defect repaired with fibrocartilaginous tissue
MRI: complete coverage of defect
1 year [41]
3 Osiris
Therapeutics, Inc.
(Columbia, MD,
USA), 2007
55 Randomized
Allogeneic BM-MSCs
(50 and 150 million)
VAS pain score and MRI VAS: Significantly reduced pain
MRI: Decreased degenerative bone changes
2 years [46, 47]
4 Centeno et al.,
2008 [45]
1 IRB-approved
Autologous BM-MSCs (22.4 million) + 1 mL of nucleated cells + 1 mL of 10% platelets VAS pain score and MRI knee joint Decreased VAS score
MRI: increase in meniscus and femoral cartilage volume
24 weeks [45]
5 Nejadnik et al.,
2010 [39]
72 Observational
cohort study
Autologous BM-MSCs:
n = 36; Chondrocytes:
n = 36
ICRS Cartilage Injury
Evaluation Package
Improvement in physical role functioning in BM-MSCs 2 years [39]
6 Davatchi et al.,
2011 [44]
4 IRB-approved
Autologous BM-MSCs
(8 to 9 million)
Walking time for the pain to
appear and VAS pain score
Walking time for pain improved in 3 patients
VAS decreased in all patients
1 year [44]
7 Haleem et al., 2012
5 Case series Autogous BMSCs
placed on platelet-rich
fibrin glue
RHSSK scores and MRI Improvement in RHSSK score and subjective symptoms
MRI: complete defect fill and complete surface congruity
with native cartilage
1 year [42]
8 Kasemkijwattana
et al., 2011 [43]
2 Case report Autologous BMSCs
(12 million)
KOOS, IKDC score, and
Improvements in KOOS and IKDC score
Arthroscopy: Good defect fill, stiffness, and incorporation
to the adjacent cartilage
30-31 months [43]
9 National University
of Malaysia/
50 Randomized
Autologous BMSCs VAS, IKDC Subjective Knee
Evaluation Form, and x-ray
NA 1 year NCT01459640
10 Royan Institute
(Tehran, Iran)
40 Randomized
Autologous BMSCs WOMAC, VAS, and MRI NA 6 months NCT01504464
11 Red de Terapia Celular (Barcelona, Spain) 12 Non- randomized open-label Autologous BMSCs (40 million) VAS, Oswestry disability index, and SF-36 life quality NA 2 years NCT01183728
12 Royan Institute 6 Non-randomized open-label BMSCs WOMAC, VAS, SF-36, and MRI NA 1 year NCT01207661
13 Royan Institute 6 Non-randomized open-label Autologous BMSCs VAS, WOMAC, x-ray, and MRI NA 6 months NCT01436058
14 Royan Institute 6 Non-randomized open-label Autologous BMSCs VAS, WOMAC, Harris Hip Score questionnaire, x- ray, and MRI NA 6 months NCT01500811
15 Stempeutics
(Bangalore, India)
60 Randomized
Allogeneic BMSCs (25,
50, 75, and 150 million)
and MRI
NA 2 years NCT01453738
16 University
of Marseille
(Marseille, France)
50 Open-label Autologous BMSCs IKS and ICRS NA 1 year NCT01159899
17 Stempeutics
Malaysia Sdn. Bhd
72 Randomized
Allogeneic BMSCs (25
and 50 million)
and MRI
NA 2 years NCT01448434
18 Cairo University
25 Open-label Autologous BMSCs Clinical scoring, x-ray, and
NA 1 year NCT00891501
19 Royan Institute 6 Open-label Autologous BMSCs Pain, knee cartilage defects NA 1 year NCT00850187
20 Banc de Sang i
Teixits (Barcelona,
15 Open-label Autologous BMSCs (40
VAS, HAQ, SF-36, and MRI NA 1 year NCT01227694
21 Mesoblast
24 Randomized
MSB-CAR001 VAS, KOOS, SF-36, x-ray, and
NA 2 years NCT01088191
  1. BM-MSC, bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell; BMSC, bone marrow stromal cell; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; HPE, histopathological evaluation; ICOAP, Intermittent and Constant Osteoarthritis Pain; ICRS, International Cartilage Repair Society; IKDC, International Knee Documentation Committee; IKS, International Knee Score; IRB, institutional review board; KOOS, Knee and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; NA, not applicable; RHSSK, Lysholm and Revised Hospital for Special Surgery Knee; SF-36, Short Form Health Survey-36; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale; WOMAC, Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (Osteoarthritis Index).