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Table 1 Some stem cell-related genes are transcribed similarly in MDSCs, irrespective of myostatin inactivation

From: Myostatin genetic inactivation inhibits myogenesis by muscle-derived stem cells in vitro but not when implanted in the mdx mouse muscle

Gene Function WT KO
Myc Myelocytomatosis oncogene 12.4 18.1
Pou5F1 Pou domain (Oct4) 10.1 16.7
Akp 2 Alkaline phosphatase 2 6.4 6.9
Akp 5 Alkaline phosphatase 5 1.2 1.6
Tert Telomerase reverse transcriptase 1.0 1.0
Utf 1 Undifferentiated embryonic cell TP1 1.0 0.8
Man 1 Mastermind-like 1 13.1 16.7
Lif Leukemia inhibitory factor 1.5 0.9
PPAR╬│ Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor ╬│ 1.1 1.8
  1. RNA from the two MDSC types at 80% confluence (not undergoing myogenesis) were treated by DNAse and submitted to DNA microarrays. Some key stem cell genes are selected. Values are relative expression levels normalized by housekeeping genes. GAPDH expression was 98 to 102. MDSC, muscle-derived stem cell; WT, wild type; KO, myostatin knockout.