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Table 1 Primers used for the polymerase chain reaction analysis

From: Identification of p63+ keratinocyte progenitor cells in circulation and their matrix-directed differentiation to epithelial cells

Gene Forward primer Reverse primer Amplicon size
GAPDH 5-gcttgtcatcaatggaaatccc-3 5-tccacacccatgacgaacatg- 3 210 bp
TAp63 5-aagatggtgcgacaaacaag-3 5-agagagcatcgaaggtggag-3 234 bp
ΔNp63 5-ggaaaacaatgcccagactc-3 5-gtggaatacgtccaggtggc-3 294 bp
CK5 5-cttgtggagtgggtggctat-3 5-ccacttggtgtccagaacct-3 439 bp
CK14 5-gaccattgaggacctgagga-3 5-attgatgtcggcttccacac-3 157 bp