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Figure 2

From: Safety and efficacy of intravenous infusion of allogeneic cryopreserved mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of chronic kidney disease in cats: results of three sequential pilot studies

Figure 2

Trilineage differentiation of feline adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (aMSCs) after cryopreservation as cells or adipose. aMSCs taken directly from cryopreservation (A-C) and cultured from cryopreserved adipose (D-F) were capable of trilineage differentiation. (A,D) aMSCs formed intracellular lipid vacuoles when incubated in adipocytic differentiation media for 21 days. (B,E) aMSCs stained positive for calcium with alizarin red following differentiation into osteocytic phenotype after 21 days of incubation in differentiation media. (C,F) Cryosection of pellets of cartilage matrix (stained with toluidine blue) formed by aMSCs when exposed to chondrocytic differentiation media for 21 days.

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