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Table 1 Twenty-five genes over-expressed in Ben-Yehudah and colleagues [1] and Mitalipov and colleagues [117]

From: Systems biology discoveries using non-human primate pluripotent stem and germ cells: novel gene and genomic imprinting interactions as well as unique expression patterns

  Top 25 over-expressed genes in[1]   Top 25 over-expressed genes in[117]  
  Affymetrix ProbeSet ID Gene symbol Affymetrix ProbeSet ID Gene symbol
1 MmuSTS.2870.1.S1_at TACSTD1 MmuSTS.3741.1.S1_at PTPRZ1
2 MmugDNA.35532.1.S1_at LOC697750 MmugDNA.32128.1.S1_at NANOG
3 MmuSTS.4178.1.S1_at CTSL2 MmugDNA.33796.1.S1_s_at FLJ16517
4 MmugDNA.17159.1.S1_at NFE2L3 MmugDNA.12465.1.S1_at LIN28
5 MmugDNA.20158.1.S1_at NELL2 MmuSTS.1454.1.S1_at MAL2
6 MmugDNA.11043.1.S1_at LOC705355 MmuSTS.2862.1.S1_at SPP1
7 MmunewRS.431.1.S1_at NPY1R MmuSTS.3364.1.S1_at PDZK1
8 MmuSTS.2285.1.S1_at POU5F1 MmugDNA.37987.1.S1_at SALL1
9 MmunewRS.475.1.S1_at LOC703107 MmuSTS.1929.1.S1_at MYCN
10 MmugDNA.24757.1.S1_at LOC702395 MmugDNA.20158.1.S1_at NELL2
11 MmuSTS.3573.1.S1_at PCDH8 MmuSTS.2870.1.S1_at TACSTD1
12 MmuSTS.3621.1.S1_at CHGB MmugDNA.17017.1.S1_at OTX2
13 MmuSTS.4813.1.S1_at GABRB3 MmugDNA.24774.1.S1_s_at APOA1
14 MmugDNA.38382.1.S1_at LOC696162 MmuSTS.1037.1.S1_at SH3GL3
15 MmugDNA.41477.1.S1_at NLGN4X MmugDNA.11977.1.S1_at MBD2
16 MmugDNA.17159.1.S1_s_at NFE2L3 MmugDNA.33242.1.S1_at PODXL
17 MmugDNA.19721.1.S1_at LOC696085 MmugDNA.6117.1.S1_at CECR2
18 MmuSTS.3827.1.S1_at LOC696132 MmuSTS.4090.1.S1_at EBAF
19 MmugDNA.32128.1.S1_at Nanog MmugDNA.36148.1.S1_at CYP26A1
20 MmugDNA.27729.1.S1_at SOX2 MmuSTS.2285.1.S1_at POU5F1
21 MmuSTS.3741.1.S1_at PTPRZ1 MmugDNA.3748.1.S1_at LOC112868
22 MmugDNA.7641.1.S1_at LOC712710 MmugDNA.32848.1.S1_at ST8SIA4
23 MmugDNA.33796.1.S1_s_at LOC696130 MmuSTS.214.1.S1_at ZIC3
24 MmugDNA.26523.1.S1_s_at NFE2L3 MmuSTS.1436.1.S1_at LCK
25 MmugDNA.31842.1.S1_s_at LOC696002 MmuSTS.4824.1.S1_at GDF3
  1. Underlined genes are those differentially expressed in both studies; genes in bold are as yet uncharacterized genes.