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Table 1 Overview of the marker panels of primary monoclonal antibodies and 7-AAD to immunophenotype equine MSC

From: Characterization and profiling of immunomodulatory genes of equine mesenchymal stromal cells from non-invasive sources

  Subset Marker Company Clone Sec Ab Dilution Positive control
Multicolor FCM 1 CD29-Alexa488+ Biolegend TS2/16   1:20 MNCs
MHC-II Serotec CVS20 RPE 1:50 MNCs
7-AAD Calbiochem     
CD44-APC+ BD IM7   1:20 MNCs
2 CD105-RPE+ Serotec SN6   1:10 Endothelial cells
7-AAD Calbiochem     
CD90+ VMRD DH24A Alexa647 1:100 MNCs
3 CD45-Alexa488 Serotec F10-89-4   1:5 MNCs
CD73+ Abcam 10f1 RPE 1:5 Lymphocytes
7-AAD Calbiochem     
4 Monocyte-Alexa488 Serotec MAC387   1:2.5 MNCs
CD79α-Alexa647 Serotec HM57   1:2.5 MNCs
Single-color FCM   MHC-I+ VMRD PT85A RPE 1:66 MNCs
Secondary Ab 1 and 3 Sheep anti-mouse IgG-RPE Sigma-Aldrich    1:20  
  2 Goat anti-mouse IgG-Alexa647 Invitrogen Corporation    1:200  
Isotype controls 1 and 4 Mouse IgG1-Alexa488 Biolegend    1:20  
  1-3 Mouse IgG1-RPE Biolegend    1:10  
  1 Rat IgG2b-APC Biolegend    1:20  
  2 Mouse IgM BD   Alexa647 1:50  
  3 Mouse IgG2-Alexa488 Biolegend    1:20  
  4 Mouse IgG1-Alexa647 Biolegend    1:100  
  1. 7-AAD, 7-aminoactinomycin D; FCM, fluorescence correlation microscopy; MHC, major histocompatibility complex; MNC, mononuclear cell; Sec Ab, secondary antibody.