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Table 1 Overview of the specific proteasome subunits that influence the pluripotent and differentiated state

From: The proteasome complex and the maintenance of pluripotency: sustain the fate by mopping up?

Category Systemic nomenclature HUGO Function References
19S lid Rpn6 PSMD11 Stabilize interaction between 19S RP and 20S core [2, 30, 32, 35, 36]
  Rpn11 PSMD14 De-ubiquitinating enzyme  
  Rpn12 PSMD8   
19S base Rpt3 PSMC4 ATPase, gate-opening [2, 30]
20S core particle β1 PSMB6 Caspase-like [2, 8, 18]
  β2 PSMB7 Trypsin-like  
  β5 PSMB5 Chymotrypsin-like  
  β1i PSMB9 Chymotrypsin-like  
  β2i PSMB10 Trypsin-like  
  β5i PSMB8 Chymotrypsin-like  
PA28 complex (PA28α) PSME1 Proteasome activator [2, 13, 25]
  (PA28β) PSME2   
  1. Explanation of the different nomenclature of the proteasome subunits as well as their functions that are important for the pluripotent and differentiated cell fate. HUGO, Human Genome Organization; RP, regulatory particle; Rpn, non-ATPase subunit of 19S RP; Rpt, AAA-ATPase subunit of 19S RP.