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Table 1 SB623-to-parental MSC ratios of neuropoietic coefficients

From: Comparison of the neuropoietic activity of gene-modified versus parental mesenchymal stromal cells and the identification of soluble and extracellular matrix-related neuropoietic mediators

Donor A 3.6 3.2 1.3
Donor B 3.9 3.5 7.3
Donor C 1.1 2.6 1.1
Donor D 1.4 2.9 1.9
Donor E 5.5 2.1 1.8
Donor F 2.3 1.8 2
Average 3 2.7 2.6
SD 1.68 0.65 2.35
  1. Neuropoietic coefficients characterize the ability of MSCs or SB623 to induce a corresponding rat neural marker in defined conditions of the microplate neuropoiesis coculture assay. Pairs of SB623 and parental MSCs from six donors were compared in the assay; and neuropoietic coefficients for nestin, GFAP, and CNP were calculated, as explained in Figure 1, based on qRT-PCR data. The table represents ratios of SB623 to MSC coefficients for six donors; average ratios and standard deviations (SD) are in bold.