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Figure 4

From: Neurogenic potential of dental pulp stem cells isolated from murine incisors

Figure 4

Network connectivity of differentiated mDPSC. Representative images of differentiated mDPSC in a cluster of many cells (A) and as an isolated unit (B). C) Capacitance of clustered cells (n = 23) was significantly greater than isolated cells (n = 12) measured by whole cell patch clamp analysis. IHC shows mDPSC expression of connexin 43 (Cx43) in differentiated (D) but not undifferentiated cells (E). F) Cx43 (yellow) is most highly expressed within clusters of ßIII-tubulin (red) positive differentiated mDPSC (iii). G) Image of a clustered mDPSC injected with Lucifer yellow and neurobiotin does not show any dye coupling with adjacent cells. Lucifer yellow injection into a clustered differentiated human DPSC does show dye coupling through numerous adjacent cells observed under bright field (H) and ultraviolet light (I). Scale bar = 25 μm. **P <0.01. IHC, immunohistochemistry; mDPSC, murine dental pulp stem cells.

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